How to make edible arrangements: Fruit baskets

Edible fruit arrangements are popular gifts these days. There are not many instructions on how to make edible arrangements on the Internet. Here are instructions for making great fruit baskets.

fruit baskets project

To make this edible arrangement you will need: a container or basket, Oasis or Styrofoam, a pineapple, red and green grapes, strawberries, a cantaloupe, a honeydew, a melon-baller, parsley, a daisy shaped cookie-cutter and a heart shaped cookie-cutter, long and short bamboo skewers.

Step 1. First, wash all of the fruits and set them aside.

Step 2. Cut the Styrofoam to fit the basket (make sure it fits tightly in the basket). Wrap the Styrofoam in clear plastic food wrap, securing it with pieces of scotch tape.

Step 3. Cut as many daisy flowers and cantaloupe balls as possible.

Pierce the pineapple flowers with the short skewers (I prefer the short skewers for the base) they should come through the pineapple about an inch. Then place the cantaloupe balls on the top of the flowers, do not let the skewer pierce through the cantaloupe ball.

Step 4. Insert the flowers around the base of the basket.

Step 5. Fill the space between the flowers with parsley.

Step 6. Make some strawberry flowers on the short skewers for the second row; fill any spaces between the flowers with parsley. Do not let the skewers come through the other side of the strawberries.

Step 7. On the long skewers, make some grape flowers and place them in the middle of the arrangement along with the heart shape pineapple. Remember do not let the skewers come through the last grape.

Step 8. Cut some honeydew and cantaloupe slices to fill in any extra spaces around the base or anywhere that you think might need filling.

Enjoy your beautiful fruit basket!

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Suzette Reid, a fan of our site, contributed this edible craft project.