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Fruit Bouquets How To

Surprise your friends and family with a beautiful and tasty bouquet of fruit flowers. Fruit Bouquets are great centerpieces for any party.

fruit bouquets how to

This edible arrangement was contributed by a fan of our site, Shannan Gates, Bakersfield, Ca.

I made this for my Niece's 8th birthday party. It was a BBQ/swim party. All the kids went crazy for it. When I brought it out they swarmed it! I used a small watermelon as the "vase" I cut about 1" off the bottom so the watermelon would sit up. I cut off the top to make it the right height. I used a large spoon to hollow out the water melon. I put a whole head of lettuce inside and covered it with Kale. I found my strawberries would slide too far down the bamboo skewers and the skewer would poke through the top, so before I put each strawberry on, I put a grape pierced through its side as a stopper to hold the strawberry in place. Everything else was made using instructions from your site.

Enjoy your beautiful fruit flower bouquet!

Note: This edible craft project is copyrighted. You may only print it out and use it for personal purposes or as a classroom craft project if you are a teacher. You are not permitted to post this project on any website, blog, or in any other type of publication. However, you are free to link back to this page.


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