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Food Garnishing Ė fun appetizers for kids

Materials used in this food garnishing project: 1 slice of toasted bread, 1 slice of marble cheese, 1 piece of bologna, 1 slice of yellow cheese, 1 black olive, 2 pieces of green peas, 1 piece of red bell pepper, 1 piece of parsley, 1 piece of dill, 1 leaf of lettuce, 3 pieces of caviar, and butter/ salad dressing/or mayo.

Step 1. Using a heart-shaped cutter, cut a heart shape out of a slice of marble cheese. This will be used for the "lion cubís mane."

food garnishing - step 1

Step 2. Cut small triangles along the edge of the cheese heart shape to make the "lion cubís mane" look more like mane.

appetizer presentation - step 2

Step 3. Take a piece of toast and spread butter, mayo or your favorite salad dressing over it. Put a leaf of lettuce on top. Put the "lion cubís mane" on top of lettuce.

how to garnish food - step 3

Step 4. Using a round cutter, cut two small circles, "lion cubís ears", out of a piece of bologna. Using a cutter of a bigger diameter, cut a big circle; this will be used for the "lion cubís face."

how to plate food - step 4

Step 5. Put the "lion cubís face", "eyes" (green peas) and "ears" as shown in the picture. Pieces of caviar or small pieces of black olive can be used for "eyes pupils."

food art - step 5

Step 6. Use pieces of parsley for the "lion cubís eyebrows" and a piece of black olive for the "lion cubís nose."

food garnishing  - step 6

Step 7. A piece of red bell pepper can be used for the "mouth" and pieces of dill can be used for the "lionís whiskers."

food garnishing ideas - step 7

Step 8. Cut a big circle out of a piece of bologna. This will be used for the "lionís body."

art of garnishing - step 8

Step 9. Cut a smaller circle out of a slice of yellow cheese. This will be used for the "lionís belly."

food presentation ideas - step 9

Step 10. Put a small piece of black olive or a piece or basil in the center of the "lionís belly." Cut two small circles out of a slice of yellow cheese and cut them in half. They will be used for the "lionís paws."

food presentation ideas - step 10

Step 11. Cut a thin strip out of a piece of bologna. This will be used for the "lionís tail." Put a piece of dill at the end of the "tail."

food presentation - step 11

Your cute open-faced sandwich "Lion Cub" is ready! I hope you and your kids will enjoy making and eating these fun sandwiches.

Photo and directions courtesy of Irina Stepanova "Delicious Garnishing Ideas"

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