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Culinary Art - Food Presentation Ideas

Note: All these pictures were found on http://yandex.ru. They are only for your personal use.

Here are my favorite photos. Unfortunately, the photos were not accompanied by “recipes” but in most cases you can see what products are used.

If you decide to make an amazing edible arrangement like any of the ones shown below, please send a picture of it with how-to instructions to this email address. It would be my pleasure to post them on my site, so that other visitors can benefit too!

Tasty Fish (tuna salad and pickles). I love it.

culinary arts - fish garnish

Oranges Bouquet. Insert bamboo skewers into the oranges and then arrange them in a vase. Very cute.

food presentation - fruit bouquet 'Oranges'

Tangerine Christmas Tree.

food art - fruit arrangements

Fruit Piece

edible arrangements - fruit display

Sunflower. Perhaps French Onion dip, olive slices and potato chips. In my opinion, a great starter centerpiece for a party.

food presentation ideas - sunflower appetizer

This is just a hot dog. Can you believe it?

food garnishing - hotdog

A cute whale and more…

food art - whale food presentation

This is a friendly tortoise.

food presentation ideas - tortoise salad

Start your day with a "smiley breakfast".You can use sausages instead of pickles.

food presentation ideas - breakfast

Cuckoo babies out of chicken legs. Such a cute couple! It is a good and fun way to make your kid eat chicken.

culinary arts - chicken garnish

A mermaid. Cool!

food garnishing ideas

A cute potato puppy (baked potato, cheese, bell pepper…)

food art - a puppy

Do you like spices?

food crafts

Food presentation ideas for kids parties - A mouse. I just love it!!!

food presentation ideas for kids parties - a mouse

Another mouse

food art 15

Fruit centerpiece. Pretty easy to make.

food art 16

Do you have a desire to try making some of these arrangements, or maybe these arrangements have sparked your creativity and you have come up with some other creative art design?

Send me pictures so that I can share your creativity with your fellow readers.

Lana Glass
Founder of the Site "Incredible Edible Crafts" http://EdibleCraftsOnline.com

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