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Food Presentation: "A Bicycle" Garnish

Materials used in this food garnishing project: one portion of cooked wheat, 2 slices of bologna, 2 pieces of green onion, 1 slice of boiled carrot, 2 black pitted olives, 1 slice of cucumber, ketchup.

Step 1. Take a plate and one portion of boiled wheat. Spread the wheat evenly over the plate.

food presentation - step 1

Step 2. Using a round cutter, cut two big circles out of bologna. They will be used for "wheels."

food presentation ideas - step 2

Step 3. Put the "wheels" on the wheat as shown in the picture.

garnishing meals - Bicycle

Step 4. Using a decorating tip and bag filled with ketchup, draw "bike’s spokes" on pieces of bologna.

garnish Bicycle

Step 5. Draw "bike’s tires" the same way.

garnishing meals - step 5

Step 6. Using pieces of green onion, make the "bike’s frame."

food garnishing  - step 6

Step 7. Cut a circle of boiled carrot into half. One half can be used for "the seat of the bicycle."

garnishing ideas - step 7a

garnishing ideas - step 7b

Step 8. Take two pitted black olives and insert a piece of green onion into holes of the olives. This will be used for "the bike’s handlebar."

food art - step 8a

food art - step 8b

Step 9. Use a circle of cucumber for a "bicycle’s chain ring."

Your garnishing "Bicycle" is ready! Your kids will love it!

food art - step 9

Note: This garnishing project is only for your personal use. It is copyrighted.

Photo and directions courtesy of Irina Stepanova "Delicious Garnishing Ideas"

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