Salad Decoration: Poppy Flower out of Tomato

To make this salad decoration, you will need: tomatoes, olives, green onion tops, and a cucumber.

Salad decoration – step 1. Make salad. Place it on a big dish. Sprinkle the top of the salad with white shredded cheese.

Salad decoration – step 2. Wash tomatoes. Cut “petal” shapes from tomatoes.

Food decoration – step 3. Chop olives into small pieces for the center of each poppy flower.

Step 4. Place three tomato petals and olives in the middle to make one poppy flower. Arrange edible flowers on top of the salad they way you like.

Step 5. Make stems of your edible flowers out of green onion tops. Cut leaves out of cucumber skin.

salad decoration - edible flowers out of tomato

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