Kids party food: Boats with Mice-Sailors

Make potato salad or any other salad your kids love. Salad can be a fun kids party food if presented in a unique way. Take a bell pepper, wash it, and cut it in half lengthwise. Remove all the seeds. Stuff the bell pepper halves with your salad. They are boats. Place two pieces of green onion (scallion) parallel to each other in each boat; they will make benches where you place mice-sailors.

Make mice out of four red radishes. Wash the radishes, cut some skin from each radish where green top leaves are attached. It will be a mouse nose. From that skin cut mouse ears. Make two incisions on top of a mouse head and insert ears. Make eyes from pieces of olives. Place your sailors in the boats.

Author of this edible craft: O. Grigorenkova

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