Food Presentation – "A Cook" Garnish

Materials used in this food garnishing project: 1 portion of cooked rice, 1 cooked sausage, 2 pieces of green onion, 1 tomato, 1 piece of cauliflower, 2 pieces of corn, 1 green pea, 1 piece of dill, 2 pieces of black olive, 1 slice of bread.

Step 1. Place cooked rice into a medium size bowl. Push the rice down with a spoon.

food presentation - step 1

Step 2. Place a bowl upside down on a plate. Carefully remove the bowl. Now you have a body of a "cook."

food presentation - step 2

Step 3. Cut pieces of green onion into strips as shown in the picture.

food presentation ideas - step 3

Step 4. Place strips of green onion on the rice to make a stripped vest.

food garnishing - step 4

Step 5. Put a piece of small tomato, "cook’s head", to a "cook’s body". Put a piece of cauliflower, a "cook’s cap", on top of tomato.

food garnishing - step 5

Step 6. Cut a cooked sausage into 4 equal parts. They will make "cook’s arms and legs."

food garnish  -

Step 7. Put the "cook’s arms and legs" to the "cook’s body" as shown in the picture.

garnishing food - step 7

Step 8. Put a green pea in the center of the tomato; it will make a "cook’s nose." Two pieces of corn will make "cook’s eyes." Two tiny pieces of a black olive will make "cook’s pupils." A piece of dill will make a "cook’s mouth."

art of food garnishing - step 8

Step 9. Using a cookie cutter in a form of a foot, cut two feet out of a slice of bread.

art of food garnishing - step 9

Step 10. Place "cook’s feet" to the "cook’s legs."

Your funny and tasty "Cook" garnish is ready. Your kids will love it!

gourmet cooking - step 10

Note: This garnishing project is only for your personal use. It is copyrighted.

Photo and directions courtesy of Irina Stepanova "Delicious Garnishing Ideas"