Fun foods - "A Cat" Garnish

Many children are picky eaters. It is frustrating for parents to encourage kids to eat healthy food. Using fun foods is a great way to solve the problem. Kids will enjoy making and then eating the fun food meal below.

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To make this fun food project you will need: 1/2 portion of mashed potatoes, 1/2 rice, 1 piece of bologna, 2 black olives, 1 chicken or quail boiled egg, 2 slices of cucumber, 1 piece of red bell pepper, 1 piece of dill, 6 pieces of green onion.

Step 1. Put rice on a plate. Using a spoon or a spatula, shape it as a catís head.

fun foods - step 1

Step 2. Using a round cutter, cut two circles out of bologna. They will be used for "catís cheeks." Then cut two triangles out of bologna. They will be used for "catís ears."

fun foods for kids - step 2

Step 3. Put the "catís cheeks and eyes" on the "catís face." Make its nose using a piece of black olive.

fun food for kids - step 3

Step 4. Cut a chicken or quail boiled egg in half lengthwise. Put them on the "catís face" with a yolk side up.

food garnishing - step 4

Step 5. Cut two cucumber slices. Put them on the egg halves. They will be used for "catís eyes."

food garnishing - step 5

Step 6. Cut "catís pupils" out of a black olive.

food garnishing  -

Step 7. Put the "pupils" on the "eyes."

fun foods - step 7

Step 8. Put the "catís eyes" on the "catís face." Use pieces of dill for "catís eyelashes."

fun foods - step 8

Step 9. Cut a "catís tongue" out of a piece of red bell pepper.

food presentation ideas - step 9

Step 10. Make "catís whiskers" out of pieces of green onion.

food art - step 10

Your fun food project is ready! Enjoy!

fun food for kids - Cat garnish

Note: This fun foods project is only for your personal use. It is copyrighted.

Photo and directions courtesy of Irina Stepanova "Delicious Garnishing Ideas"