Food Presentation: ‘Tulips’ Bouquet out of Tomatoes

I love this food presentation! These tomato tulips make a great garnish for a Mother’s day meal or girl’s birthday day meal. This salad decoration is so easy that even kids can do it as a surprise for their loved ones.

food presentation 'Tomato Tulips'

Food presentation - Step 1. Make your favorite mayonnaise-based salad such as egg, chicken or potato salad. It’s better if the salad has rice or cheese in it; that will hold it together inside the tomato tulips.

Step 2. Tulips buds are made from elongated tomatoes (you can use round tomatoes, but oval tomatoes will look like tulips more). Cut a tomato crosswise, but not to the very bottom of the tomato.

Step 3. Remove the flesh out of each tomato and put some salad inside.

Step 4. Make 'tulips' stems out of green onion. Add some dill as greenery.

Step 5. You can even put a bow around your bouquet. Or you display your tomato ‘tulips’ inside a vase using a half of a yellow bell pepper.

edible bouquet - tulips out of tomatoes

A very cute and tasty tulip bouquet is ready! This food presentation courtesy of

Lana Glass
Founder of "Incredible Edible Crafts"