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Food Presentation: Salad Decoration

Below you will find unique salad food presentation. We usually give our moms, wives, or girlfriends flowers on Mother’s Day, birthdays and other special occasions. However, you can also make your own and decorate meals on this day with edible flowers.

Food Presentation 1: calla lily flowers salad decoration

food presentation - salad garnish 1

Salad decoration – step 1. Make salad. Place it on a plate molding it in the form of a semi sphere or oval. The top of the salad should be of light color (for instance, you can sprinkle grated boiled egg whites or grated cheese over the top of the salad).

Salad decoration – step 2. To make edible calla lilies, you will need thin cheese slices, carrot and green onion/dill. Fold a slice of cheese in a cone so its edges are on top. Cut long carrot strips for flower stamens. Green onion or dill or other greenery will make calla lily stems and leaves.

Food Presentation 2: mimosa flowers salad decoration

edible bouquet - tulips out of tomatoes

1. Make salad and place it on a plate. The op of the salad should be white in order to make a great background for yellow mimosa flower decoration.

2. Put a piece of dill on top of the salad. Add grated boiled egg yolk on top of the dill as shown in the picture. Your edible mimosa flower is ready.

Lana Glass
Founder of "Incredible Edible Crafts"

These food presentation ideas courtesy of http://www.vsesovet.ru/forum/.

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