Kids food – bento lunch box ideas

Looking for better, healthier kids food that even fussy eaters will eat? Bento lunch boxes are the answer. The art of the bento box lunches originated in Japan. They are not really that difficult to make. Kids love these fun lunches. What’s great about them is that they include healthy snacks (like carrots, broccoli, etc). Below is one of the bento lunch boxes. I hope it will inspire you to create your own bento lunches.

To make a Bento lunch, you will need special Bento lunch boxes and cooked rice. Then you decorate you figures (bunny and teddy bear in this example). Add some other elements made out of cheese, sausage, bologna, tomatoes, carrot, and broccoli). See other cute edible kids crafts here.

kids food - bento lunch box

kids lunches - bento

kids lunch ideas

kids food ideas

bento lunch - kids food ideas

carrot flowers for bento lunch box

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