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How to Make a Candy Bouquet "Beautiful Roses"

Materials used to make this candy bouquet: a vase, red and white flat marbles, Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles, Styrofoam, green and red cellophane, red curling ribbon, stem wire (16 or 18 ga), plastic decorative grass, green floral tape, silk Baby’s breath flowers, red ribbon, and tools.

Note: This candy craft project is only for your personal use. It is copyrighted.

How to make a candy bouquet - Step 1. Find a vase for your candy centerpiece.

how to make a candy bouquet step 1

How to make a candy bouquet - Step 2. Fill the vase with red and white glass gems or plastic granules.

how to make a candy bouquet step 2

How to make a candy bouquet - Step 3. Prepare Styrofoam for silk arranging. It may be a mugplug or a foam ball of the appropriate diameter. Cut the floral foam to the proper size so it will act as a stopper for the vase.

candy bouquet step 3

How to make a candy bouquet - Step 4.

a) Cut 2 square pieces of green cellophane. Put the smaller piece on top of the larger piece, and then put the piece of Styrofoam in the middle of these cellophane pieces. Using two cellophane pieces gives a fuller appearance than using one piece.

candy bouquet step 4-a

b) Gather the cellophane up around the foam and insert it in the vase.

candy bouqeut step 4-b

How to make a candy bouquet - Step 5. Cover the foam with decorative plastic grass, securing it with floral pins as necessary.

how to make candy bouquets step 5

How to make a candy bouquet - Step 6. Make chocolate roses. For this arrangement, I made 12 chocolate roses.

a) Take red cellophane wrap, Lindt milk chocolate truffles or other chocolates, stem wire (16 or 18 ga), red curling ribbon, green floral tape, and tools.

candy centerpiece - step 6a

b) Cut rectangular pieces of red cellophane wrap. I used 5” x 7” cellophane squares.

candy centerpiece step 6-b

c) Attach Lindt truffles to the stem wire using green floral tape.

  • Take the stem wire and floral tape. Cut a piece of tape and pull on it to make it tacky. Wrap the tape around the top of the stem wire (just one or two rotations).
  • Take a chocolate and twist the loose part of the candy wrapper tight and place the twisted end of the wrapper alongside the wire.
  • Then put the stem wrap tape around them. Tightly build up the tape at the base of the candy (wrap the tape about 4-5 times) to secure it well.

Note: This is just one method for attaching candy to sticks. There are different types of candies and respectively there are different methods for attaching them to sticks. In my book "How to Make Candy Bouquets for Fun and Profit" I show different techniques on how to attach candies to sticks.

candy craft step 6-c

d) Wrap the wired chocolate with a prepared piece of red cellophane creating a cylinder shape (the height of the cylinder is 5”); you can use a little piece of clear scotch tape to secure the cellophane as a cylinder. Make sure that the cellophane cylinder extends down past the chocolate over the stem. Tie a red curling ribbon around the cellophane at the base of the chocolate, leaving a little bit of cellophane beneath it. The chocolate rose is ready! Repeat these steps to make as many roses as you would like.

candy craft step 6-d

e) Insert the roses in the vase spacing them evenly all around.

candy crafts step 6e

How to make a candy bouquet - Step 7. Insert the silk Baby’s breath flowers in the bouquet to fill in the bare spaces.

candy crafts - step 7

How to make a candy bouquet - Step 8. Make a bow out of the red ribbon and attach it to the front of the vase using hot glue.

candy bouquet step 8

Congratulations on your beautiful candy rose bouquet!

If you want to quickly and easily learn how to make candy bouquets either to start your own business or just to be able to make amazing memorable gifts for any occasion, check out my valuable “illustrated” step-by-step guides "How to make beautiful candy bouquets for fun and profit" and "Candy bouquet designs".

Lana Glass
Founder of the site "Incredible Edible Crafts"

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