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St Patrick's Day Crafts - Candy Bouquet in a Mug

There are many cute St Patrick's Day crafts on the Internet. You can see some of them here.

Note: This candy craft is for your personal use. It is copyrighted.

If you would like to share your St Patrick Day crafts, I would be happy to post them on my site.

There are many types of candy bouquets. In my books "How to Make Candy Bouquets for Fun and Profit" and "Candy Bouquet Designs" I show how to make candy arrangements in different types of vases, a glass bowl, a brandy glass, a Chinese take-out style box, a terra cotta pot, a basket, a ceramic flower pot, a “chocolate vase” made out of candy bars and others.

You can also make a sweet bouquet in a mug or cup. I really like this type of candy bouquets. Why? Because they are easy, fun, and fast to do. It is great for any occasion.

You can find interesting cups and mugs in your neighborhood stores, gift shops, thrift stores, on the Internet, etc.

If you want to make a really personalized gift, you can buy a blank cup or mug and decorate it yourself. You can decorate it with craft paint, faux gems, spray-on glitter, flat marbles, buttons, scrapbook stickers, and any other materials that strike your fancy. Use your imagination and enjoy the process! The recipient is sure to enjoy your personalized gift!

Step 1. Take a mug and floral foam. Cut the foam so it will fit firmly into the mug. Before putting the foam into the mug I placed a square of cellophane in it so it will be easier for a recipient to clean the mug when he or she decides to use it.

St Patrick Day mug

When I saw this cute mug, I knew at once that I wanted to make a candy bouquet in

Step 2. To make three candy flowers, take stem wire (16 or 18 ga) or lollipop sticks, wire cutters, some hard candy with wrappers in greenish and yellowish colors, and green floral tape.

St Patrick Day candy crafts

Cut the stem wires/lollipop sticks to the desired length (wear safety glasses when cutting stem wire). Join three candies of the same color on each stem wire/lollipop stick using floral tape (pull on it to make it tacky). Place the stick alongside the loose part of the candy wrapper, then put stem wrap tape around them. To make the candy stand straight upward, tightly build up the tape at the base of the piece.

After you join a piece of candy on the end of the stick, join two more candy pieces down the stick. Twirl the stem while stretching and pulling the tape in a downward angle.

How to make a candy bouquet

Step 3. Push these candy flowers into the foam in the back of the mug.

St Patrick's day candy bouquet step 3

Step 4. Insert a big lollipop in the middle. I bought this St. Patrick’s lollipop in Michaels Art and Crafts store.

St Patrick's day crafts - candy centerpiece

Step 5. In this bouquet I used silk leaves. When making candy bouquets, sometimes you may want to use silk leaves. There are two ways of wiring and taping silk leaves.

The first method.
I found this method on the website
a) Take floral tape, wire stem (in this case I used 20 ga stem wire), and a branch with silk leaves (from which you cut off individual leaves using wire cutters).

Making leaves for a candy bouquet

b) Poke the wire through. Take the silk leaf and push the wire through the fabric. Pass the wire behind the stem of the leaf, and poke it back through the other side. If it is difficult to push the wire through the leaf, make a hole using a needle first.

making leaves

c) Bend the wire back to meet the long wire.

making leaves for a centerpiece step 5c

d) Tape the silk leaf to the wire.

making leaves step 5d

e) To give the leaf a more natural appearance, flare it out near the stem tape.

silk leaves for a candy centerpiece

The second method.
Take the leaf with a little bit of stem left on it, put it alongside the wire and apply the floral tape over it.

making leaves for a candy arrangement

Step 6. Insert these silk leaves around the edge of the mug.

St Patricks day craft - candy bouquet

Step 7. Wire and tape some other candy pieces to place between the silk leaves around the edge of the mug.

a) Take floral tape, stem wire, wire cutters, and candy. I used Brach's Coffee Toffees, Irish Creme hard toffees. Their green and gold wrappers match perfectly with the other elements in the centerpiece.

St Patrick's day candy crafts

b) Cut a piece of tape and pull on it to make it tacky. Place a twisted end of the candy wrapper alongside the stem wire and apply the floral stem wrap over them.

candy crafts step 7b

c) Insert the wired and taped candy between the silk leaves around the edge of the mug, bending their stems as necessary to achieve the desired look.

Saint Patrick's day crafts

St Patricks Day Craft - Step 8. Top the foam with green and yellow curly ribbon, shredded paper, or plastic decorative grass.

St Patrick's day crafts with candy

That’s it. The St. Patrick’s candy bouquet in a mug is ready! Enjoy!

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Lana Glass
Founder of the Site "Incredible Edible Crafts"

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