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Toy Bouquets craft ebook 71 page step-by-step eBook "Plush toy bouquets" with over 100 color pictures teaches you how to make adorable plush toy bouquets. Only $5.95!

Toy bouquets are the newest developments in the gift industry. Toy bouquets are beautiful bouquets of plush toys. In comparison with fresh flower bouquets, toy bouquets last forever. They will remind the recipient of you all year round!

Plush toy bouquets are so cute. People fall in love with them at first sight.

cool gifts for kids Unique gifts - Plush Toy Bouquet gift idea
Toy Bouquet gift idea

Toy bouquets are welcomed both by kids and adults. They make cool gifts for kids and adults. If you add candy in those bouquets, they will become absolutely irresistible! :)

Toy bouquets make unique gifts for any occasion such as Birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, Graduation gifts, Baby shower gifts, Christmas gifts and so on.

I discovered stuffed animal bouquets only about two months ago. Since then, I have made several toy bouquets and several toy and candy bouquets. In my mini downloadable e-book "Plush Toy Bouquets" I show you how to make them from start to finish, supporting the how-to instructions with 100 color pictures. I also tell you where you can buy small stuffed animals to make toy bouquets.

Making toy bouquets can become an exciting hobby of yours:). These arrangements make adorable gifts. You will never face a problem of what to give to your friends and family any more.

You can also sell toy bouquets to earn extra money. The uniqueness of these bouquets is their important selling point! If you already have a gift shop, they can be a great addition to your line of products.

If you buy my new e-book "Plush toy bouquets" today, you will also get TWO BONUS ITEMS such as new candy arrangement tutorials "Candy Chick" and "Gold Candy Bouquet" that are not included in any of my e-books. On the download page, you will have three download links: "Plush toy bouquets" e-book, "Candy Chick", and "Gold Candy Bouquet".

Download the eBook now for only $5.95

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